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This page outlines our terms and conditions

    Agreement and Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

    By using Muzville you are deemed to agree to the Terms and Conditions and other policies of this website and you accept it. If you do not accept the Terms and Conditions of this website, you are not authorized to use this website.

    The terms and conditions and other policies of this website may change and will be published as soon it is changed. You are responsible to review the Terms and conditions regularly and by using the website you are deemed to agree and accept the Terms and conditions and are bound to it.

    In case you object to any of the Terms and Conditions you may contact us, cancel your membership or not use the website.


    We / Us / Our: Muzville

    You / Your/ Customer/ Member: The member or visitor of Muzville

    Content: Text, Images, Video, Audio, Graphics, Personal information, Message, URL, any interactive media, Design, Layout, Intellectual property.


    1. You must be a Muslim of at least 18 years of age to become member of Muzville. You must not attempt to register if you are below 18 years of age and/or have Non Muslim background.
    2. You must not create or have more than one profile at any point of time.
    3. Certain details like username, date of birth etc. cannot be changed once the profile has been created.
    4. You acknowledge and agree that your membership is for you only and cannot be transferred to any other person.
    5. You are obliged and agree to safeguard your profile. At no point of time any individual other than you must use your profile. If other individual uses your profile, you are responsible for it. Our Terms and Conditions apply to every user and must be followed by every single user.
    6. When creating a profile and registering to Muzville, you must provide accurate and complete information. Muzville will not accept your application unless the application form is completed with all the mandatory fields filled in. Muzville does not refund payment if a user deletes his/her profile before the time of subscription ends.
    7. It is your responsibility to inform us of any changes to your membership profile information.
    8. You acknowledge and agree that you should not register on Muzville or apply for membership if you have been convicted for any kind of offence or felony or have any criminal record (under your government). Muzville does not conduct criminal check on members. Muzville might do reference check if required but is not obliged to do it and can delete the user anytime without any notification.
    9. Muzville is not obliged to protect the information and the content you provide. You acknowledge and agree that the information and content you provide is public and visible to everyone who access the website. Although Muzville monitors the website from time to time, you are solely responsible for all your activities on the website and all the information, content and photos you provide.
    10. You acknowledge and agree that you will respect every member on Muzville website and adhere to the terms and conditions and privacy policy.

    Fees and Subscription

    1. You acknowledge and agree that while certain services are available free of charge, paid membership is only available to members with a valid Muzville subscription. You can subscribe by selecting the price for the relevant time period and making the payment. Sometimes, you won't be able to make contact with some profiles due to them being "reported" or them being from a different denomination. Also, you won't be able to contact a user if that user has blocked you. The users profile may also not be visible in such a case.
    2. Payments can be made via PayPal or through manually entering your banking details. No refund will be made under any situation even if the payment is wrongly chosen or paid for months in advance. It is your responsibility to choose the correct payment option and membership plan.
    3. You acknowledge and agree the free of charge members are entitled for limited features and limited access. To get access to the full membership features and access you must be a paid member and have Muzville subscription.
    4. Muzville has the right to cancel, terminate or suspend the membership if the fee is not paid on the actual due date or before the due date. It is your responsibility to make sure that Muzville receives the payment on time. Muzville will not be responsible for delayed payment or payment not being received.
    5. The price for subscription can be changed by Muzville at any time and will be listed on Muzville. The new price change will be effective when you apply for new subscription irrespective of it being a first or second subscription after it is updated on Muzville.

    User Obligation and Agreement

    1. You acknowledge and agree that using Muzville is solely your own choice and at your own will.
    2. You acknowledge that it is almost impossible for us to determine the authenticity of the person claiming to be whoever he/she is.
    3. You are required to be over 18 by law. All members on our websites are required to be over 18. Our company has zero tolerance for any attempt by any member to engage in any form of cybersex, sexual communication, or sexual contact with any person who is underage. Upon being notified of any illegal or inappropriate communications with a minor, we may report details to the appropriate Law Enforcement Agency.
    4. You acknowledge and agree that you must provide complete and accurate information to Muzville website, company and service and the information you provide to Muzville is not breaching Muzville Terms and Conditions and policies.
    5. You acknowledge and agree that the information and any content you provide us is non confidential and can be accessed and used by us and other users of the website. Any information, content, images, audio and video provided by you can be used to populate a database and will be available for other members or users of the website regardless of their age, gender and location.
    6. You are solely responsible for accessing Muzville and your activities on the website. Prior to accessing Muzville you must ensure you are not prohibited by law in your region/area/state/country.
    7. You will abide strictly by Muzville content policy and you agree to it.
    8. You agree that you are solely responsible for your interaction with other members on Muzville. Giving your personal details like home address, mobile number, Skype ID, email address etc. can be extremely risky. Sharing personal information frequently can also lead to your profile being deactivated. We advise all the users, not to share their personal information with other users (unless approved by a wali).
    9. You must not disclose any information provided to you by the member of Muzville to anyone without the prior permission of the person who provided it to you.
    10. You must not harass others by attempting to contact someone who has clearly asked you to stop the communication. No sort of political conversation about any Islamic or non Islamic group or individual should be held.
    11. Muzville is not responsible and will not give character certificate of any of the members or users of the website.
    12. Muzville is not responsible for your interaction and access of the website. The way you interact and the information you share will solely be at your own risk and responsibility.
    13. Muzville is not responsible if you meet anyone from this website. Meeting someone who you met on this website will solely be at your own risk and responsibility.
    14. You acknowledge and agree that you as a user of Muzville agree and will abide by the user obligation and agreement listed above.

    Content and Functionality  

    1. You acknowledge and agree that you must not send/add content that is inappropriate, abusive, offensive, harmful, sexual, defamatory, obscene, threatening, and racially offensive. If found guilty, Muzville does have a right to suspend the membership without refunding the money.
    2. You acknowledge and agree that you will not put any content that contains false or misleading information, hidden content, virus or any codes, files or programs designed to harm or destroy any hardware or software in any way. If found guilty, Muzville does have a right to suspend the membership without refunding the money.
    3. You acknowledge and agree that you will not put any un-Islamic content. If found guilty, Muzville does have a right to suspend the membership without refunding the money.
    4. You acknowledge and agree that you must not advertise any business, event, promote anything and buy or sell anything on Muzville. If found guilty Muzville will suspend the membership without refunding the money.
    5. You acknowledge and agree that you will not pass on or post any contact information including but not limiting to email address, phone numbers, fax numbers, postal address, residential or any physical addresses, social networking accounts, URL’s through your publicly viewed profile information. This or any other activity deemed unsafe, inappropriate or fraudulent by Muzville can lead to your account being deactivated at any time without any notice.
    6. From time to time, Muzville updates and modifies the features of the website to improve performance. If we are making any sort of changes on the website, we may inform you via email/group message/website/Facebook. Hence, under such a case, some of the features of the website may not be available for sometime. Under no circumstances, will you be refunded due to some features not being available due to the modification being done on the website or due to a functionality glitch.
    7. Some minor features of the website might not work well on IE. Website might look different on different browsers. We make every effort to improve the functionality of the website.
    8. You agree that we may contact you at times through your email, your mobile, your postal address and also sending e-newsletters to keep you updated.
    9. You agree that using the messaging feature on the website will show your username (which you have entered while filling the registration form).

    Information Monitored

    1. You acknowledge and agree that Muzville is not obliged to monitor your use of Muzville app/website, however Muzville does hold the right to monitor your activity and use of Muzville and may do so for your safety and to ensure members don’t violate Muzville policies and Terms of Use.
    2. You acknowledge and agree Muzville does hold the right to disclose any information if requested by the police, any applicable law or by government.
    3. We will not and cannot read and monitor every content and are not responsible for it, but we hold the right and not obliged to delete, edit or move the content that we may think are breaching Muzville Terms and Conditions and Policies.
    4. We will strive and take strong measures to protect your information and content but won’t guarantee the safety and protection of the content as no data transmitted over the internet can be guaranteed as safe and secure

    Advertising on Muzville

    1. Sometimes you may see advertisements placed on Muzville. These advertisements could be of a person or a business and are not linked with Muzville or are part of Muzville in anyway. 
    2. Muzville will not approve and can delete your advertisement if found unislamic in anyway. No refund will be made if you are found guilty of unislamic advertising.
    3. For personal advertising, you agree that you will not provide your location or mobile number on any matrimonial advertisement due to safety reasons. Providing general information about the person and the email ID as the contact detail is the way to go.
    4. Only for business advertisements can you put any of the details, like location, contact number, email etc.

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